Vinyl Windows

Before choosing which style of windows is best as a replacement for existing panes and frames, consider the options based on long-lasting value, energy efficiency, and probable maintenance costs. Many homeowners and business property managers decide to install vinyl windows because this type of material scores high when it comes to the factors listed above.

Located in Junction City, OR, and serving the Willamette Valley, Discount Windows offers the best prices and expert installation service in the window and door business. The company carries all the top brand names and will be happy to customize an order to fit any size or shape of existing window frame.

Advantages Of Vinyl Windows
Traditional aluminum window frames are a poor insulator of heat. Aluminum heats up and cools down very quickly, and additional insulation material or an outer covering is required to keep the effects of the outdoor environment from altering the indoor temperature. However Eugene Oregon Vinyl windows contain an outer frame made from polyvinyl chloride, usually abbreviated as PVC. This type of vinyl has an exceptionally high R-value, which is the insulation performance score for heat conductivity.

Energy conservation is on the mind of all homeowners and property managers. Because of the lessened degree of heat conductivity, overall energy bills are lower. Vinyl windows are more energy-efficient than even the most popular double-paned glass windows. Additionally, Vinyl windows require very little maintenance. The manner in which they are fabricated has a lot to do with this. Their durable surface has already been stained and sealed. The material is also very resistant to UV radiation, so fading and loss of material integrity is practically impossible.

Choosing The Right Installer
Not only does Discount Windows offer the best selection of top-quality vinyl windows at affordable prices, the company also offers expert installation service and customized sizing/alteration. If any type of molding or trim finishing is required, this becomes part of the installation package. A careful scheduling of installation means a window-by-window method that ensures a comfortable interior living environment throughout the replacement procedure, even during the cold winter months.

Most of our Eugene Oregon vinyl windows are ready to install without any type of alteration needed. The existing frame is carefully measured and the proper style and size of window is chosen by the property owner. Discount Window stocks premier name brands in every conceivable style for awnings, conservatories, and sliding glass door entries as well as traditional rectangular frames.

Free Estimates and Dependable Service
Discount Windows can offer accurate price quotes even on custom installation jobs. Contact us today, and one of our professional and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions concerning style, replacement procedure scheduling, and optional materials availability.