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Over time, your home’s windows and doors become less efficient. As a result, you may be paying more in energy costs. At Discount Windows & Doors, our professional installation crew will determine whether you will save money from replacing the windows and doors in your home. Our team provides free estimates, and we offer details regarding the energy rebates you may be eligible to redeem. We deliver expert advice to help you select the best product for your needs, and you’ll receive a fair price for our products and services. We are your  Window and Door Installation Contractor

At Discount Windows & Doors, our service list includes:

  • Window and door replacement
  • Doors – interior & exterior
  • Hardware
  • Glass Replacement

We will take on any construction job despite its size. In addition, we stock energy efficient windows and doors to ensure that your home’s interior temperatures remain comfortable and your energy bills stay low.

Professional Installation

When you hire us, your replacement windows and doors will be expertly installed. Professional installation of windows and doors is especially important, because if they are installed poorly, they won’t provide the proper level of efficiency for your home. This type of project is complex because it requires specific equipment and precise installation skills. A window and door installer must be able to keep the unit level, square and plumb, which means that the window or door is uniform diagonally, horizontally and vertically inside the opening. Properly installed windows and doors will open and close easily. Furthermore, accurate installation techniques will increase their longevity.

High Service Standards

Discount Windows and Doors, hires professional crew members and makes sure that they have the training and skill to place your home’s windows and doors expertly. We have high service standards, so our technicians will treat you and your home with consideration and respect.

Our installation team completes each project with care, and they will leave your home clean. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a thorough demonstration of how your new windows and doors operate. You will also receive accurate and immediate answers to your questions.

Final Considerations

We believe in providing superior service and professional window and door installation that is affordable priced. Furthermore, our technicians will perform every task patiently and expertly. We know that the key to our success is your continued satisfaction.

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Oregon's Premier Window and Door Replacement Company

  • We deliver to just about anywhere!
  • We do custom orders from all of the major manufacturers of vinyl, fiberglass, wood & aluminum windows (MOST with a lifetime warranty).
  • We do residential and lite commercial doors – custom orders as well.
  • We do hardware for doors!
  • We do trim & molding
  • We will install your product if you would like!
Energy Star Partner
Milgard Patio Door

Patio Doors

One does not have to be a photographer to appreciate the impact that natural light has on an environment. Installing patio doors contributes to sun-drenched interiors, which tend to improve the moods of both residents and guests.

Besides making living spaces more inviting, modern patio doors are made to be increasingly energy efficient. Property owners often choose specially coated, low emissivity (Low-E) glass for their patio doors that reflect ultraviolet rays and improve the heating efficiency of their homes. Others, who live in colder climates, may just use plain glass in their patio doors to let in light and heat. Many of our manufacturers offer patio doors that feature double-pane, Argon gas-filled glass panels that insulate the home and stabilize indoor air temperatures.

While some property owners rely on expansive, picture windows to highlight stunning outdoor views, others find that patio doors represent a more practical option. People love our patio doors because they provide easy access to outdoor living spaces.

They are great for families that have young children, who must be supervised while at play in the yard. Our top-quality patio doors come in a variety of materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, steel and aluminum, and we offer an assorted selection of hardware that adds style and security.

Milgard French Door

French Doors

Traditional French doors feature individual glass panels that are divided in a grid pattern by separators that are called mullions. These hinged patio doors are designed to either swing in or out onto a sunroom or patio.

While French doors add elegance and light to almost any residential setting, a home's interior design and furniture layout must be considered since traditional French doors require space to open and shut properly. Some of our partnered patio door manufacturers also offer sliding French doors. These doors offer the classic look of French doors, but they glide parallel to walls, which saves space and adds design flexibility.

While traditional French doors have true divided light or glass panes, the sliding door version usually consists of two or more large glass panels that have removal mullions. The mullions give the appearance of divided lights that are characteristic of traditional French doors.

Property owners can remove the mullions for easier cleaning. French doors are beautiful home accessories, but they were considered light on security in the past. Modern French doors now feature secure, multi-point locking mechanisms that guarantee that property owners do not have to sacrifice safety for style.
Milgard Sliding Glass Wall

Sliding Walls

Create a vibrant mural of the outdoors in your home. Milgard stacking glass walls open up by sliding large glass door panels on top of each other, flooding the room with natural light and fresh air. The aluminum frames and panels are thermally broken with a full weather-stripped structural interlock system for improved energy efficiency. Customize your glass wall with four exterior frame colors including Clear Anodized and Dark Anodized Bronze. Choose between an all aluminum frame or aluminum clad wood option with a solid wood interior.

  • Narrow frame profile creates a modern look and even sightlines for a beautiful design aesthetic
  • Four frame colors to enhance your home’s look
  • Three smooth and effortless operating styles: stacking, pocket or bi-fold
  • Thermally Broken Aluminum design provides your home with the year-round comfort
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
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Window and Door Installation Contractor
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