window replacement eugene oregonReplacing the windows in your home or business might seem straightforward, but it might not be as clear as it seems. You might decide to replace the windows because of age, but there are other factors that you should consider. Here are several things you need to consider when it comes to trying to decide if it is time to replace your home or business windows.

Does Your Home or Business Have Single-Pane Glass Windows?
If you bought a home or property that was built decades ago, it most likely has single-pane glass windows. These windows are not energy efficient and are known to develop frost when the weather changes, which can increase the chance of breakage and water damage. We provide dual-pane replacement windows that are energy efficient. This means you get the extra comfort while saving on utility bills.

Is It Noisy in Your Home or Business?
If you are always concerned about the noise or echoes within your home or business, then your windows aren’t shutting out the noise from the outside environment. Replacing your current windows with laminated or dual-pane glass windows will solve this problem by reducing noise transmission into your home.

Is Your Artwork or Furniture Fading?
One of the causes of fading art pieces, drapes, furniture, or carpets is exposure to UV rays. These rays normally get through old windows. Replacement windows can prevent this from happening by blocking more than 95 percent of the suns UV rays.

Do Your Windows Have Condensation Inside?
The weather condition outside your home should stay outside! The outside environment should never become part of your internal environment. A good sign that your windows are failing, and that your property needs window replacement Eugene Oregon, is when they leak water or air causing condensation to entire your environment. The air leakage might be due to loose glass or an old frame that is past its prime. Additionally, leaking of air and dew within your home means that you are not conserving energy and could potentially be a dangerous situation for your family, customers and employees.