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Since our inception in 2004, Discount Windows has worked in partnership with the Northwest’s finest manufacturers to provide only the highest quality windows. Offering personalized service, our first priority is to supply the right window for your needs along with the very best price. Our array of window selections includes vinyl, fiberglass and wood, each with distinctive qualities that add both beauty and character to your home.

Milgard Windows & Doors

Our Window Products Include:

  • Garden windows
  • Sliders
  • Patio doors
  • Single and double hung windows
  • Picture windows
  • Skylights
  • Bay windows
  • 1000’s of quality windows in stock for $99 or less
  • Utility approved windows available – Our windows qualify for the government tax credit program

Vinyl Windows

Renovating, remodeling or building a new home — using our vinyl windows offers polished style coupled with cutting-edge performance. Our airtight chambers work in conjunction with insulated glass units to guarantee energy efficiency year around. At Discount Windows, our wide range of engaging colors and superior architectural styles enables us to custom-make vinyl windows to fit your current window openings with absolute precision or to create an entirely new look that blends seamlessly with your home’s style. Available in single and double-hung, sliding, fixed lite, casement and awning, bay, bow and garden, our vinyl windows brighten and enhance any room.

Fiberglass Windows

With glass fibers that expand and contract at the same rate as the insulated glass it holds, fiberglass is resilient in all weather conditions, making it the ultimate window frame material. Designed to match the beauty and profile of solid wood, our fiberglass windows offer efficiency, strength and low maintenance that only fiberglass provides.

Aluminum Wood Clad Windows

The timeless beauty of a wood window with an easy-to-maintain aluminum clad exterior. Durable aluminum protects the wood window from harsh weather conditions and damage from insects and decay. Natural, stain-grade clear wood interior can be customized to complement your home’s décor. Aluminum exteriors available in dark bold colors to vibrant metallic hues resist fading for long-lasting curb appeal. Extruded aluminum provides excellent structural integrity for a lifetime of dependable performance.

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  • We do custom orders from all of the major manufacturers of vinyl, fiberglass, wood & aluminum windows (MOST with a lifetime warranty).
  • We do residential and lite commercial doors – custom orders as well.
  • We do hardware for doors!
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Milgard Vinyl WIndow

Vinyl Windows

While glass is arguably the most prominent part of a window, the framing that encases the glass is an important window component that impacts looks and functionality. Window frames can be constructed of a variety of materials, and vinyl is a popular, budget-friendly option.

During the 1990s vinyl windows gained notoriety for their energy-efficiency, low maintenance, durability, and range of color choices. We carry and install high-quality vinyl windows so that our customers can reap all the benefits of choosing vinyl windows.

High-quality vinyl windows remain a cost-effective option for many homeowners. For instance, wood windows represent the upscale look and quality that are often associated with affluent communities. Owners of mid-level properties who install wood windows may not recoup much of their investment during property sales; buyers love wood windows but often will not pay extra for them. The same owners who install high-end vinyl windows could get over 50% of their investment back during home sales. We listen to our customers and help them to select sturdy, great-looking vinyl replacement windows that fit their lifestyles, budgets, and long-term goals.

Plygem Aluminum Clad Wood Window

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Aluminum-clad wood windows feature the stylish warmth of a traditional wood window with an exterior protected by the remarkable durability and strength of extruded aluminum. Our aluminum-clad wood windows are virtually maintenance-free and can be
customized to complement the style of your home.

Durable aluminum protects the wood window from harsh weather conditions and damage from insects and decay.

Natural, stain-grade clear wood interior can be customized to complement your home’s décor.

Milgard Fiberglass Window

Fiberglass Windows

Property owners who want the classic look of wood windows without the associated maintenance often choose fiberglass windows for their replacement window projects.

Our fiberglass windows have become popular in recent years because of their insulating qualities, low maintenance characteristics and style flexibility. They typically cost more than vinyl windows, but they tend to have lower lifecycle costs than real wood windows, which require higher levels of maintenance.

Since fiberglass windows are not susceptible to excessive amounts of expansion and contraction like wood windows are, there are fewer instances of chipped and cracked paint even in locations that experience extreme weather patterns.

Fiberglass windows outperform both vinyl and wood windows in a few areas. They are made to be stronger and more durable than vinyl windows, and Fiberglass windows are more eco-friendly.

They are made of 60% sustainable glass material, and they do not off-gas chemicals that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Unlike improperly maintained wood windows, fiberglass windows are not subject to rot or insect damage.

Replacement Window Installer

Replacement Windows

Outdated, inefficient or leaking windows are often prime candidates for replacement windows. Replacement windows are used when original window frames are still functional.

New construction windows, which are considerably more expensive than replacements, are installed when original window frames are unserviceable. Identifying issues with windows early and addressing maintenance needs in a timely manner can save property owners money in the long term.

Even though technological advancements in manufacturing have driven down some window production costs, undertaking a comprehensive window replacement project can be expensive. Property owners should recognize when they need to replace their windows versus when they would like to replace them for aesthetic reasons.


Drafts near windows, condensation between double-pane windows and extremely high utility bills in winter and summer are some telltale signs that property owners should consider replacing some or all of their windows. We recommend that our clients get professional energy audits to determine which windows need to be replaced to improve a property's level of comfort and energy efficiency.

After conducting extensive research and shopping around, Oregon residents often find their way to our huge selection of discounted replacement windows. We carry and install popular single-hung and double-hung windows.

Our clients can get specialty products such as easy-clean tilt-out windows, gas-insulated, double-pane windows and windows that are coated to block damaging sun rays. Whether our customers need to replace a few windows or update all of them, we have the styles and trusted brands to meet their needs.

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